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  • by numbers series : 서울시립미술관 2000-2011 월페인팅

    가변크기, 2011

  • 항해

    1:24스케일 디오라마 모형, 기계장치, 키네틱 설치, 가변크기, 2011

  • 한 사람으로서의 자화상

    캔버스에 유채, 180x150cm, 2008

  • 공동선_모든 산에 오르라!


  • Green House

    나무, 페인트, 와이어, 가변설치, 2009

  • 정원에 대한 새로운 기억

    스피커, 스피커케이블, 합판, 앰프, DVD-Player, 가변설치, 5-10채널 작곡 03:30, 2012

  • 미(未)생물

    현미경, 컴퓨터 등의 복합재료, 인터렉티브 가변설치, 2009

  • 수원 영화동 목재상 화재

    di-bond aluminium core, 100x200cm, 2012

  • 인공정원(Artificial Garden)

    LED, Sound, Polycarbonates Site generating installation, 2012

  • 샘플스페이스

    종이박스, 가변설치, 2012

Other Works by 김기라(Kim Ki-Ra )View All

  • A weight of Ideology_The last leaf

    HD video and sound work, 10min 00sec, 2014

  • 20C Contemporary Still Life with Candies

    oil on canvas, 127x173cm(액자포함), 2009

  • 김기라+손정완

    drawing, mixed media, installation, 2011

  • ON/NO_both sides of antagonism

    colouring and urethane coating on wooden sculpture, 240x240x40cm, 2014

  • 공동선_모든 산에 오르라!


  • A Red filter_Censorship_ A weight of Ideology

    Installation, Film on the glass, 2014

  • Installation View_Drawings for A weigh of Ideology

    Oil on Korean paper, Various size, 2013-14

  • Drawings for A weight of Ideology

    Oil on Korean paper, 200x2000cm, 2013-14

  • Four questions for A weight of Ideology

    HD 4 channel video, about 10min, 2014

  • 이념의 무게-꿈 없이 02(A Weight of Ideology-Without a Dream 02)

    장지 위에 혼합재료(pencil, oil bar and pastel on Korean paper), 82x74cm, 2012

  • 코카 킬러

    LED, 혼합매체, 2007, 서울시립미술관

  • On the bridge

    HD single channel video with Mini Mac Player and Sound speaker, 10min 00sec, 2013

  • Encounter with Reece


  • workshop for children_King_s Lynn Arts Centre